Art Advisers


Western Way Institute offers comprehensive investment advice and portfolio management services for art collectors and institutions.

We have proprietary analytics for all historical styles of art with special focus on Modern and Contemporary. Our NYC office has excellent connections with auction houses and the secondary market.

We consult with established and new art collectors to develop short and long range investment strategies to maximize return in today’s complex and often impenetrable international art market. As the world’s last unregulated commodity the value of any individual artwork is often only accessible to insiders, brokers and auction houses.

As advisers our first task is to provide the knowledge and insight that penetrates this veil for our clients so that every new art acquisition is a good and harmonious fit with their personal collections and aesthetics moving forward.

Like the commodity and stock markets,over-hyped artists and artworks often leave investors and institutions with depreciating assets. Our art advice helps you identify and close investment opportunities that bring a major potential upside to match the inestimable value they bring to your personal life.



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