Voletic Meditation


Voletic Meditation 

Copyright 2021 by Lawrence Johns

Instructions for First Phase: Mental & Physical Health.

The best and quickest way to raise your personal Will and immediately eliminate your bad habits, thoughts and feelings.

1. Slow your breathing. Sit comfortably in a quiet and darkened room. Close your eyes. Slowly inhale, hold, slowly exhale. Try to reduce the normal number of breaths per minute from 12-15 to 10 or less.

2. Empty your mind. Detach. Don’t follow or extend your thoughts, let them fade out. Then actively block any new thoughts from arising.

3. Rest awhile in emptiness, experience No-Mind, No-Self. This is your simulation of Non-Being. Rest until your Will to Being takes you out.

4. Refill your mind. This is your simulation of New Being. Refill with the most joyous, meaningful and successful events of your life, from childhood to yesterday. This is the person you willed to be.

5. Celebrate yesterday. Recall an event from yesterday when the application of your Will resulted in significant new understanding and success.

6. Express your personal Will. In practicing VM you move from No-Mind to All-Mind daily. This is not a simulation, this is your True Self rejuvenating daily. With strengthened personal Will you can easily overcome all the mental and physical obstacles that have kept you from a life of beauty and happiness.




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