Sleep Cave



Ask your doctor. S/he will say the best way to keep your immune system strong and not contract a virus is to get a good night’s sleep.

The Sleep Cave

The safest, most natural way to sleep in the world.

Works by bonding your personal bio-magnetic field with the Earth’s magnetic field. 

  • This is how the animal kingdom sleeps, this is how our ancestors slept.
  • The Sleep Cave gives you more minutes of Stage III deep sleep. You’ll awake refreshed— both mentally sharp and physically strong
  • Reduces  stress and anxiety.

  • The Sleep Cave has no harmful or annoying side effects like sleeping pills, masks, monitors, sound frequencies, music and other sleep aids
  • The Sleep Cave doesn’t use electricity or batteries and has no moving parts. Guaranteed to work perfectly for 20 years.
  • Works in bedrooms up to 600 square feet.

  • Attractive modern art design, goes with all decors.

  • Invented by a Mensan scientist at Western Way Institute.

  • The number of Sleep Caves is limited and numbered. Each set is handmade in the USA by WWI engineers and takes two weeks to build and test.
  • Because the sleep cave bonds with you, your family and friends WWI cannot accept returns. All sales are final.

  • Cost: $349.00  plus $20 shipping to USA only.

  • For further information contact us. If you wish to purchase a Sleep Cave please send us an email with Sleep Cave in the subject line and we will send you an invoice via Paypal. 

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