The Sleep Cave


      The Sleep Cave from WWI

  • The safest and most natural sleep enhancement in the world.


  • Works by aligning your personal bio-magnetic field with the Earth’s magnetic field.
  • The birds do it, the dolphins do it, the badgers do it, the entire animal kingdom align themselves magnetically to sleep.
  • Sleeping in the Sleep Cave takes you to a safe place in the past—to the peace and simplicity of childhood and our cavemen ancestors.
  • The Sleep Cave has no harmful side effects like sleeping pills, masks, devices, cds and electronic monitoring devices.
  • Because it doesn’t use electricity or batteries and has no moving parts it will last a lifetime.
  • Invented by a Mensan scientist at Western Way Institute.
  • The Sleep Cave is generated by our proprietary technology.
  • Each Sleep Cave is handmade in the USA by WWI engineers and takes about a week to build and test. Each set is numbered.
  • Most users experience at least fifteen minutes more time spent in deep sleep (stage 3) and wake physically energized, mentally sharp and eager to take on the challenges of the day.
  • Cost: $295.00 

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