The Sleep Cave


Everyone knows and feels the dire effects of not sleeping well. Recent scientific studies have shown that lack of sleep is a primary cause of low grades in students, poor performance in workers and dimentia in the middle-aged and elderly. Narcotic sleeping pills only make this massive social problem worse.

WWI scientists have developed a sleeping system called The Sleep Cave that aligns your mind and body with the Earth’s magnetic field. When you retire into your Sleep Cave you return to the safe re-energizing embrace of Mother Nature.  In The Sleep Cave you’ll spend 10% more time in the deep sleep segment of the sleep cycle and wake up with the robust energy of your ancestors. The Cave Man did it. The birds on the wing and the mammals in the sea and soil do it. Now with WWI’s invention of the The Sleep Cave you can do it too— experience a great night’s sleep naturally, without drugs, apps, sounds or masks.

In a world where much is going wrong we believe that a great night’s sleep is the best start to a new healthy society.

If you are interested in learning more about The Sleep Cave, please contact us or return to this page in the near future, as we will be providing marketing and purchasing information in coming weeks.

WWI is changing the world through sleep—Cave by Cave!

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