WWI offers four tutorials a semester:

1) The Philosophy of the Western Way

This tutorial is a comprehensive historical evaluation of the Western principles of individuality, freedom and invention starting with the PreSocratics and dealing directly with the major technological and socio-political issues of contemporary Western Culture.

Influence of the Eastern Way in current political, economic and social events are analyzed and counteracted.

This year’s topic is transhumanism.

2) Radical Theology and Homo Sagax.

This year’s topic is Second Will and self-consciousness

3) Modern And Contemporary American Art

This tutorial applies The Three Wills to Modern American Art—the first bright bursts of originality, a relapse into decadent darkness and then the rebirth of art as pure simulation describe the emergence of the major modern American artists in the late 40s.  From Pollock and deKooning to Warhol and Basquiat this dynamic clash of Wills plays out as the battle of Abex and Pop on canvas. This tutorial can include a trip to New York City and a guided tour of museums and galleries by our New York office.

4) The Western Way Manifesto: “Listen Sagaxi”

The film “Listen Sagaxi” is the manifesto of The Western Way. This tutorial is for the talented few and investigates the theoretical and practical applications of our key positions.

Acceptance into the WW tutorials is highly selective.  Those who wish to learn our philosophy should first send an email of interest and we’ll reply with details, costs and scheduling.




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